Online reviews of the score to DRAGNET GIRL (Ozu, 1933) and the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema:

The Guardian

The Scotsman:

Director and Journalist, David Cairns:

“…thank you so much for an immense performance on Sunday night.  We wanted to avoid cliches but it really was a tour de force offering a subtle yet powerful interpretation of what could have been “sea shanties by numbers”.  The music and arrangement was so original and worked perfectly with the rather excellent film.  We’ve had only positive feedback about the performance and we’re so pleased how it all fitted as a prestigious Closing Night Gala for the Festival.”

Shona Thomson (Producer) and Alison Strauss (Director) Hippodrome Silent Film Festival 2012 Bo’ness, Scotland

“…a magnificent score…. Jane Gardner was the real star of the evening, for both films would have been diminished without appropriate accompanying music.Shooting People review of Ivor Montagu’s ‘Blue Bottles’ + David Kirkland’s “The Love Expert’ screenings shown at the National Film Theatre, London 2008 as part of Birds Eye View Film Festival

“Jane Gardner’s opening piece begins with seven illuminated pairs of white-gloved hands on a blacked-out stage, tracing the outline of an unseen double bass. The piece – for which the players remain invisible, apart from a few limbs – is ingenious, visually thrilling and musically coherent. ” The Guardian:  The Gogmagogs ‘Gumbo Jumbo’ show 2004

 “Jane Gardner’s setting of (Katie Campbell’s) ‘Lullaby’ was a highlight” The Times: WPT’s ‘Passages’ song cycle; Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 1997

 “Jane Gardner’s excellent score for five brass players…” The Independent: ‘The Maid’s Tragedy’, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre opening season, summer 1997

 “…a wonderful score” Scotland on Sunday; ‘Trilby’, a Scottish Dance Productions ballet choreographed by Andy Howitt, Kim Brandstrup and Matthew Hawkins 1993

 “a new score by Jane Gardner – a delightful setting of six Japanese Haiku poems” The Scotsman;  ‘On the Snow’ for Mary Weigold & the Composers’ Ensemble, Edinburgh Contemporary Arts Trust 1993

 “Jane Gardner’s composition…was completely inseperable from the success of ‘The Bloody Chamber” The Herald;  “Fine music by Jane Gardner” The Guardian; ‘The Bloody Chamber’, Tron Theatre Company, Glasgow’s ‘Mayfest’ Linklater award- winning production 1992 ‘

 …assured work of considerable rhythmic vitality and genial infectiousness” The Herald; “…the witty and adventurous Jane Gardner” The Scotsman; ‘Overture’ commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra 1992

 “Jane Gardner’s setting…provided the most original and spirited  thoughts…”  The Herald; ‘The People, Yes’  Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now Royal Conservatiore of Scotland), Glasgow 1991   

 “String Quartet ‘From Hoy’ was the success of the evening, the imaginative textures and rhythmic impetus having attractive coherance and vitality” Yorkshire Evening Press; Premiere performance by the Mistry String Quartet, 1989  



Image by Graeme MacDonald